Artistic Director

                                                           Byb Chanel Bibene                                                           





- Saint Mary’s College of California, MFA in Dance Creative Practice with honors, earning the Dean’s Award of Academic Excellence, 2017

- Saint Mary’s College of California Certificate in Dance Production Management, 2017

- Marien Ngouabi University of Brazzaville/Congo, BS Business Economics, 2005

- French Institute Brazzaville/Congo, Certificate in Dance Teaching and Practice, 2004





- Artistic Director of Mbongui Square Festival, an annual multidisciplinary performing and visual arts festival, since 2012

- Artistic Director of Kiandanda Dance Theater, a dance company Bibene founded in 2008;

- Curator and creator of Tracing Africa Circle-African Dance Histories & Philosophies, a monthly talk series that address the theories applied to the practices of the ethnic dances found within the African continent.

- Co-founder and co-Artistic Director of Rue Dance Festival, a festival that introduces ethnic and contemporary dance forms in the streets of the Congo (Since 2009);

- Artistic and social event coordinator at Congo For All Organization (Since 2012); Relevant Experience:



Teaching Experience 

ACADEMICS (Selected)

Bibene has taught a counteless schools and studios among which:


- University of California Berkeley, Berkeley, California

Teaching Faculty

-African Congolese Dance for undergraduate and graduate students in the Physical Education Department, Fall 2018Afro Hits Jam, (African urban dances), Spring 2019African Congolese Dance, Spring 2019Contemporary African Dance/African Rhythm & Movement, Summer 2019 


Goodman Arts Center, Singapore, Singapore

< >Taught African Rhythms and Movement for mid and professionals dance artists, Fall 2018Taught Afro-Beat dance masterclass for a diverse group of students aged 5 to 18 years old, as part of the Asia Arts Dance Festival, Fall 2018.Choreography for 9th, 10th & 11th grade students, Fall 2018-Spring 2019Afro Hits Jam, (African urban dances) for 9th, 10th & 11th grade students, Fall 2018-Spring 2019Afro-Hits Jam dance (African urban dances) masterclass for a diverse high school students in the dance department, Spring 2018CHOREOGRAPHER/ DIRECTOR


Selected Choreographic works



Bibene has a choreographic repertoire constantly growing, among the notable:


- 350 & Millions Moving Targets, premiere at the FRESH Festival, Joe Goode Annex, San Francisco, January 2019, Performed at the Black Choreographers Festival. February 2019350, premiered at Eastside Cultural Center. A solo work addressing the issue of  the 350 disappeared men and women who were joining back their home country of Congo Brazzaville, after being refugees in DRC, Premiered March 2018


- Nkisi Nkondi-Calling Divine Spirits, project presented at Dance Mission Theater, Malonga Casquelourd Center for the Arts, Saint Mary’s College. This project is supported by ODC Dance and the MoAD (Museum of African Diaspora)


- Oyo Biso-Spirit of the Garden, performed at Trolley Dances and Eastside Cultural Alliance, 2015.

- Taboo and Heroes, performed at CounterPulse, San Francisco (2013), The Garage, San Francisco (2012), UC Berkeley (2014) and CSUS, Sacramento (2014) , Zaccho SF (2014), Eastside Cultural Center (2017), Fort Mason Center for the Arts (for the San Francisco International Arts Festival 2015),

- Skin Talk Skin Mood, Performed at AfroSolo Festival/August 2012 and commissioned for the Black Choreographers Festival, 2013

- Overseas, a collaboration with dance, choreographer Amara Tabor Smith. The piece performed at Dance Mission Theater (San Francisco) and at

the French Institute/Congo, 2010

- Nzoto Installation, Performed at the Tenderloin National Forest (2010), the MoAD (2010), and at ODC Pilot 58 Program (2011)





- OMI International Dance Residency, New York, one of the eleven international recipients, July 2017

- CrossOver Residency program, a pair with composer David Molina. Program by Amara Tabor Smith and the Red Poppy Art House, San Francisco, 2015

- ODC Theater SandBox Series, one of the four choreographers selected among 90 candidates to experiment movement with Bay Area dancers who auditioned, 2017

- Resident Artist Workshop (RAW) program, the Garage, San Francisco, 2013Headlands Center for the Arts, with Amara Tabor Smith and Sherwood Chen, 2012 Cultural Arts Professional Development Weekend organized by BISEMI Foundation.

- CHIME (Choreographers In Mentorship Exchange), a grant and mentorship program of the Margaret Jenkins Dance Company, mentee to Folawole Oyinlola.

- Performing Diaspora Program, Counterpulse, to create Taboo and Heroes project, San Francisco, CA






The Izzies-Isadora Duncan Dance awards (Nomination) for the Kiandanda Dance Theater’s project titled Nkisi Nkondi-Sacred Kongo Sculpture, (2019)


- Kikwetu Honors Awards, for exemplary work in the community, 2018

- Dancers’ Group Cash Grant award (2009, 2017), Clinic ($2000) and Nkisi Nkondi ($3000) projects;

- The Izzies-Isadora Duncan Dance awards (Nomination) for Outstanding Music/Sound/Text


- Awarded the competitive City of San Francisco Arts Commission Grant for Taboo and Heroes of $5000

- Awarded the Zellerbach Family Foundation Grant Three times (2009, 2012, 2013, 2017) of $5600


- Recipient of the CounterPulse’s Performing Diaspora Program 2013, with a total budget of $10000. The program received over 70 applications.


- Recipient of The Margaret Jenkin’s CHIME program of $3000 award prize. This prestigious project received over 50 applications. Experience, devotion and ongoing performance activities were the criteria.

- Won the 3rd prize of the Danse l’Afrique Danse Contest in Paris with the piece Mona Mambu, which included 95 competitors in 2006. One of the main criterion of the competition was originality and creativity.

- Awarded the Radio France International Prize during the Danse l’Afrique Danse Contest in Paris with the piece Mona Mambu, and 3rd place of the contest for the same contest, 2006.

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